Dynamics of Structures 2020-2021

Latest news

  • Sept 24 : Correction of exercise session 2 is now available.
  • Spet 22 : The course of Sept 23 follows the flipped class principle, please watch the videos before joining the class. You can also join the class in real-time with the TEAMS group link
  • Spet 22: Anonymous access seems to be working now on the podcast, but the sound level recorded for the first lecture is too low. Not sure this can be fixed, please watch the first course at the following link : https://youtu.be/n_foDY7wau8
  • Read the full instructions for the course and the exercise sessions
  • Send your email address to the Professor
  • If it is possible to teach in presence in an auditorium, the sessions will be recorded via the podcasting system. The videos can be found here : Link to podcast. Note however that the videos are pre-recorded and available below for each chapter.
  • The exercise sessions  will be on TEAMS at the following link

Copy of the slides and videos  :
Lectures taught by A. Deraemaeker

0. Practical details  pdf  

1. Introduction  pdf 

2. SDOF systems pdf 

3. MDOF systems pdf 


Exercises by A. Deraemaeker

Exercise sessions will be performed remotely via TEAMS. We will be using the open  software Octave (https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/), which can be downloaded here (free)  : https://www.gnu.org/software/octave/download.html

For what we will be doing, the language is the same as MATLAB, so you are free to use either of the two softwares.

For the students who have never used Matlab/Octave, we advise to do the introduction session below, which is written for Matlab but fully compatible with Octave.

0. Introduction to Matlab/Octave  pdf  / Correction pdf

1. SDOF systems  pdf  / Correction m-file

2. MDOF systems  pdf  / Correction m-file

Supplementary material

These lecture notes are a complement to the slides and videos, in order to provide further understanding, they are not however complete, and only address some of the issues discussed in the course.