PROJ H 402 – Project in Informatics

Design and implementation of visualization software for real-time monitoring of the quality of concrete in the Rogier tunnel

At ULB-BATir, we have developed an automated system to monitor the quality of concrete repairs in the Rogier tunnel ( . The monitoring system has been running since June 2019, collecting data from embedded ultrasonic transducers ( every two hours. The raw ultrasonic signals are transferred to a server in our lab, and post-processed every night to produce email reports.

The current solution is based on Matlab scripts which compute indicators representative of the state of health of the concrete and graphs of their evolutions over time, which are then sent by email every night. This is however not a very good solution to transfer the information to Brussels Mobility, in charge of the maintenance of the tunnel, as it uses proprietary software.

This project aims at investigating other possibilities based on open software for (i) the computation of damage indicators, and (ii) the interactive visualization of the data through a web platform.

For (i), it is proposed to translate the existing Matlab scripts in python, and for (ii), to use  a chain of softwares such as telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana (TIG).

The project can be performed by two students, focusing each one of these aspects.