Research Methods in Civil Engineering 2019-2020

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List of master thesis topics

  • List of topics and promotors (Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering) – xls
  • Detailed description of the master thesis topics – pdf

Seminars taught by A. Deraemaeker

0. Objectives and introduction   pdf

1. Extracting information from a paper (see homework example)   pdf

2. Making a state-of-the-art (pdf) – Chandran 2017, Vellar 2019

3. Building a work-plan (pdf) / Video

4. Writing a report (pdf) / Video

5. Making a presentation (pdf) / Video

Instructions for reports

The templates for the reports are now available for Latex and Word


  1. Extracting information from a paper
    1. Homework description (doc file)
    2. Example : Avila2009 – highlighted paperHomework example
    3. List of students and assigned references
    4. References (zip file)