Research Methods in Civil Engineering 2020-2021

Latest info

  • May I remind you that homework 2 (state-of-the-art) is due Monday March 8 before 6pm. For those of you who were not present at seminar 3, I will upload the video on EZplayer channel (link below), all the guidelines are explained

    The summaries I have received so far are in the google sheet with attribution of papers.

  • The presentation of master thesis topics will take place Monday Feb 15 from 9 to 12 am at the following link. The schedule is available here
  • First homework is due Feb 19 before 6 pm. Please send by email, using the following template, the paper assigned to you can be found here.If you are not in the list, please send me an email as soon as possible.
  • Recordings of seminars are available here :
  • The first seminar will be taught on TEAMS on Feb 12, from 10h-12h, at the following link , in the general channel of the TEAM  PROJ-H407_202021. The slides of the course  will be available below.

Seminars taught by A. Deraemaeker

0. Objectives and introduction (pdf)

1. The world of research (pdf)

2. Extracting information from a paper (pdf) – Avila paper, Avila paper example

3. Making a state-of-the-art (pdf)

  • Example of a bad state-of-the-art (pdf)
  • Example of a well-structured and critical state-of-the-art (pdf)

4. Building a work plan (pdf)

5. Writing a report (pdf)

5. Making a presentation (pdf)

List of master thesis topics

The list of master thesis topics proposed by promotors is available here


  1. Extracting information from a paper (see info in the seminar above)
  2. Making a state of the art (due March 8). The summaries of all 7 papers are available at the link above
  1. Instructions for reports


    The templates for the reports are now available for Latex and Word