Vibrations and Acoustics 2022-2023

Link to acoustics material / material to watch before the class


  • For the session of 04/10/2022 please watch the videos: SDOF systems (from 28:00), Vibration sources, and MDOF systems. We’ll discuss the content in class during an interactive session.
  • To join the exercise sessions you’ll need to be enrolled in the course ‘Vibrations and Acoustics’ on VUB’s canvas: For some of you this will already have happened automatically. For those who haven’t been enrolled you can do so by clicking on the ‘+ Aan deze cursus deelnemen’ button that is visible to you in the top right corner.  You should be able to login with your mail address and the password you use for all other tools at VUB. When you are facing troubles with registering on Canvas contact Yacine Bel-Hadj : .“

Material to watch before the course (Vibrations Only) :

Copy of the slides, videos and wooclap sessions (Vibrations)  :

Download the lecture notes for chapters 1-5

Link to podcast

0. Practical details  pdf  

1. Introduction  pdf 

2. SDOF systems pdf  wooclap

2. Vibration sources pdf  wooclap

3. MDOF systems pdf  wooclap

4. Finite element models  pd wooclap

5. Continuous systems  pdf  wooclap

6. Reduction to SDOF systems  pdf  wooclap

7. Flow induced vibrations  pdf  wooclap

8. Turbulent wind excitation  pdf wooclap

9. Vibration problems  pdf wooclap

10. Dynamic response computation pdf wooclap

11. Remedial measures  pdf wooclap

12. Damping  pdf wooclap

13. Tuned vibration absorbers  pdf wooclap

14. Vibration isolation  pdf wooclap

15. Vibration testing I  pdf wooclap

16. Vibration testing II  pdf

Exercise sessions